Red as an accent is brilliant. It pops, glams, soothes, and brightens.
It pairs well with most colors – adds allure and a spot of sophistication. For me it’s a kitchen staple (like kosher salt and black pepper).

JoelleDesign-5Full post on my kitchen coming soon!

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Get your red hot cool kitchen.

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Turn up the heat with one of my favorite ‘accessories’


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A rosy outlook runs deep in style this year.
Marsala, the Pantone color pick of 2015 is making a splash
on walls, jewels, makeup, and fashion with a forward feel – from a formerly subtle color.

Varying shades of rose are showing up strong with more glow to the iPhone,
your skin tones (chestnut, cherry or in between) as well as an added gust of glamour
to the soft and sophisticated tones of your home.
A slightly grey(ed) down rose has a modern edge and a subtle flair
that brings light and adds lux to fashion and fabrics (and all that’s adorned in it).

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Polly Wales
You can see them in person locally at Lingg.



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As life leaps forward I fell back (in love) with baby fun.
When asked to create a shower invitation, I found that child’s play now is style play.
Authentic, creative and  plush – baby lush is everywhere. Enjoy.

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Sea inspired baby blanket I made for the shower.  Ships ahoy, it’s a boy!
joelledesign blanket

old fashion / new fashion:  handmade dolls by Jess Brown turns their frown upside down

music ball: come on, come on baby – twist no pout

mini things mean a lot

S is for styley sister snake

hearts for hire baby inspired

home spun family fun
cool mom meets drool mom: teething necklace

powder pouf – baby proof

felt pom poms feel festive: baby décor

soft and sporty spill stoppers: attached to glass

cuddle duds for little studs

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fresh finds for hip spaces

Dawn Cook Design

Sources, Styles & Inspirations from Interior Designer, Dawn Cook

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