50 shades of (pewter tankard) grey

The red dining room is over…welcome 50 shades of grey.
With my older home’s yellow-toned oak floors, selecting the right gray was tricky.
I wanted it to be warm, but not taupe and bluer grays were too cool.
I ended up with Sherwin Williams Pewter Tankard.
For $80 including primer and a good paintbrush, my dining room was transformed in 24 hours.

ne of the most common 9-1-1 interior design calls I receive is selecting paint colors.
I’ve had clients mid painting and need the consult to get the right color.

Changing the walls in a room is a great way to easily transform a space,
and picking the right colors can make or break it.
Some tips:
Make sure you see a larger swatch, don’t make a final selection from the paint deck.
Be sure to look at the color against a neutral background and at different times of the day.
Hold the swatch vertical or at the plane it will be painted.
Or call an Interior Designer, an hour of two of a design consult will save you in the long run.

  1. Elizabeth Clark said:

    It looks amazing! Very nice:)))

  2. Ingrid Porter said:

    Hey Joelle- this is a great color. I’m arming myself with a new paint brush to tackle a few rooms here too. So far the girls are done- now onto the boys and then the living room….

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