color run with mama

This past weekend I did the Color Run with my daughter, Ruby and a group of our friends.
It’s a fun 5k run where we get doused in color at stations throughout the course.
It was a great way to kick off mother’s day weekend!
Besides being sentimental about how sweet these girls are,
I couldn’t help but be inspired by how great the colors looked as they were layered upon us!

color run 2014 ruby
color run 2014 group
color run 2014 me+ruby

Me + my girl at the finish line!
(thanks to my friend Alissa, there to capture the moment!)

color run 2014 finish line

Be inspired by colors that run.

click on photos for source

  1. Jen Leonard said:

    The picture of you and Ruby running through the finish line is, well, priceless.

  2. Dana Kelly said:

    Cute photos !

    Sent from my iPhone


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