Whether in fashion or art a colorful or polished pattern gives a
bold and contemporary flair to the source. Let the source be seen.

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Silver tones have dominated design for so long…but gold is making a comeback.
The new tones tend to have more of an aged or antique patina –
softening the shiny polished brass we used to know.
We’ve seen it make it’s way into interiors,
and now it’s easier than ever to add the warm metal in your home.
The popular oil rubbed bronze finish used so much today has brass undertones
making it a great compliment to shades of gold.

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To answer the brass-in-kitchen question – yes, when balanced with grays and the right finishes,
it looks good with stainless steel.

If you’re not ready for the big brass commitment,
a little hardware is perfect place to start.

I did the Electric Run this past weekend.
Running a 5k at 10:00 pm through music and lights with girlfriends was quite energizing!
The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Summer Solstice Party was the next night –
a great way to celebrate the longest day and official start of summer.
A weekend full of colorful events has me craving the brightest of colors.


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